Karen Gillan as Eliza Dooley in the pilot episode of ABC’s Selfie

excuse me why am I just ow finding out karen gillan is in an abc show??? I just started watching it and it’s so different from what I’ve seen her in it but I think I like it!!



do you ever just feel like


Omg all the time.

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If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share

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I’m still not over the fact that Frozen won an Oscar for best animated feature while Tangled didn’t even get a nomination

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This is the fastest one I’ve done (only took me one night to make :p) and possibly my favorite too. I hope I didn’t make any typo though. Anyway, since the album has a very minimalist approach, I decided to go in that direction too.


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We look straight down on Walt as he tumbles into frame, lying flat on his back on the floor. His eyes stare up at us, lifeless. And yet, his final expression is one of faint satisfaction.

We slowly crane up, up and away from him. Walt shrinks smaller and smaller in frame. Police Officers approach him now — four, six, eight of them. They move cautiously, their guns aimed.

They’re too late. He got away.

One year ago, the 29th of September, ‘Felina' aired making it the end of the 'Breaking Bad' series.

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ϟ brba




somebody should write an essay comparing and contrasting tina from bob’s burgers and meg from family guy and explain why tina hit the mark for respectfully portraying the awkward teenage years and why meg is a huge fucking insensitive joke that isn’t even funny

Tina is a character, Meg is a punchline. 

wow that’s a pretty concise essay


i love this wow

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